Bloom Bangles

Monday 9:00 - 4:30 $145  
  Deryn Mentock    

Student Level:
Beginner through Advanced
Type of Workshop: Project



Create a garden of beautiful bangles, with formed metal flowers, to adorn your arms. We’ll begin by making a twisted and textured bangle that looks amazing, even without decoration. But, of course, we’ll add decoration! I’ll show you how to build a variety of metal flowers and wrapped charms and stones to add to your bangles, as well as how to wire wrap stones onto the bangle itself. You’ll learn to wire wrap, ball wire, forge, form, twist, shape, drill, texture and achieve a brilliant heat patina. These bangles are even more charming when made with mixed metals and look especially gorgeous worn stacked. (Check out my Resin Paper Wire Forms class if you’re interested in making the perfect leaf and flower elements to add to your bangles.) This is a project oriented class where students will be encouraged to expand on techniques and methods taught. Students may complete more than one bangle.

This class is taught in conjunction with my “Resin Paper Wire Forms” class but can be taken independently.

Kit fee of $10 payable to Instructor at class time includes:

  • Metal circle punch
  • Dapping block
  • Bracelet mandrel
  • Mini bench vise
  • Texture hammers
  • Electric bead reamer
  • Dremel and drill bits
  • Torches
  • Fuel
  • Small amount of silk ribbon

Students should bring:

  • Chain nose jewelry pliers
  • Extra-long round nose pliers ( or Fundametals)
  • Small round nose jewelry pliers
  • Flush cutters for wire (cheap, craft store type)
  • Metal shears
  • Metal file #2
  • Fine grit foam sanding block
  • Awl
  • Chasing hammer
  • Small 12 oz rubber dead blow hammer or rawhide mallet
  • Steel bench block
  • Bench pillow (or hand towel) for use under bench block
  • Center punch
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • 10-12 inches, 12 gauge bronze wire, per bracelet (Fundametals online)
  • 12 inches 20 gauge bronze wire, per flower
  • 10 inches 22 gauge bronze wire, per flower
  • 3 feet, 22 gauge bronze wire, per bracelet
  • 4 feet 22, 24 or 26 gauge bronze wire, per bracelet for wrapping beads onto bangle (Fundametals online)
  • 24 gauge copper sheet metal (you may want to bring some bronze and/or sterling, in addition)
  • Rhinestone buttons or glass buttons, with a shank
  • Stones, beads, pearls, charms, rhinestone headpins, etc.
  • 3mm-6mm beads for wrapping
  • Resin paper leaves and flowers from my “Resin Paper Wire Forms” class (optional)


  • Please bring whatever type wire you’d like to work in; sterling, copper or bronze. Bronze is suggested because it’s inexpensive but these bangles are great with mixed metals
  • Texture hammers
  • Metal bracelet mandrel (if you’re able to bring one)
  • Metal circle punch
  • Dapping block
  • Mini bench vise
  • Ear plugs
  • Work light
  • Beading mat or work surface


Questions? Email Deryn at