Collage Discovery

Thursday 9:00 - 4:30 $145  
  Claudine Hellmuth July 30    

Student Level:
Beginner - Advanced
Type of Workshop: Process and Project - Project is not a replica of teacher’s examples, but rather of student's own design



This is the class that inspired my book Collage Discovery Workshop! In this class you'll learn a few of my favorite background techniques, image transfer methods using b/w and color photocopies, using household materials as art supplies, discussions about artist block & other skills needed for fulfilling art making.

The flexible nature of this workshop will afford each student an opportunity for one-on-one guidance, so come armed with your questions about collage and art making and we can help each grow as artists!

a few of the items that will be covered during this workshop:

  • getting started with the proper materials
  • 3 background techniques that will help you enhance your art surfaces
  • 3 different transfer techniques, and using transparency in your artwork
  • tips, ideas, discussions and more!
Supplies provided by Instructor for use in class:
  • Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints to share
  • Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paint brushes to share

Students should bring:

  • A small amount of collage items will be provided to create with, however please bring a few of your favorite things to work with for this class. Don't feel that you have to bring tons of stuff, but a nice variety will help.
  • one jar of gel medium
  • since many students will be traveling from a great distance, I suggest you bring a pad or 2 of canvas paper (I like to use Fredrix brand), you can find it in the aisle of the craft or art supply store where they keep the sketchpads. One pad of canvas paper has about 10 sheets in it. You can also bring stretched canvas if you prefer. if you’d like to work in 3-d, bring a cigar box or other box, to work in.
  • scissors
  • a few Xerox and color copies of old family photos and images you like. NOTE: Bring a variety of images in a variety of shapes and sizes. It's also good idea to bring images large enough to fill the canvas sizes you are bringing. It will help you have better composition if your images are large enough to fill 50% - 75% of your canvas surface.
  • a variety (about 10-15) of interesting papers & small objects you might want to collage with. It would be wonderful if you could also bring a Ziploc baggie of papers to put in a share pile for other students.
  • paper towels
  • something to use as a water jar
  • If you have any questions about the supply list, please email me at This list is not set in stone. Please bring as many of the required items as you can -- it will make the workshop much more enjoyable for you.

    Questions? Email Claudine at