Tuesday 9:00 - 4:30 $145  
  Deryn Mentock August 6    

Student Level:
Beginner through Advanced
Type of Workshop: Project - students will complete several pairs of earrings in class



Hoop earrings have never been more fashionable so why not make your own gorgeous and unique hoops? In this class we’ll explore new ways to create fabulous hoops. We’ll cover five brand new designs: Faux-pousse Hoops, Bead Wrapped Hoops, Forged Hoops, Oversized Hook Earrings and Loop-de-Loop Hoops. What you’ll learn will include forging, shaping, wire wrapping, working with heavy gauge wire, annealing, and some interesting ways to add texture to metal. In addition, I’ll introduce you to a fabulous way to create faux-repousse with a surprise metal embossing technique. Focus will be on correctly executing the techniques I show you, as well as properly finishing your jewelry pieces. We’ll also be making and finishing ear wires of different shapes. A little bit hippy and very stylish, create a little hoop-la for your ears with this beautiful selection of hoops!

Kit fee of $10 payable to Instructor at class time includes:

  • Metal strip
  • Dremel and drill bits
  • 0000 steel wool
  • Torch
  • Butane
  • Electric bead reamer
  • Dremel and drill bits
  • Hoop mandrel
  • Texture hammers and metal texturing materials

Students should bring:

  • Chain nose jewelry pliers
  • Round nose jewelry pliers
  • Flush cutters for wire (cheap, craft store type)
  • Chasing hammer
  • Small rubber dead blow hammer or rawhide mallet
  • Steel bench block
  • Bench pillow (or hand towel) for use under bench block
  • Center punch
  • Two hole metal punch
  • Wire rounder (artbeads.com or Michaels)
  • Metal shears
  • Metal file (#2)
  • Center punch
  • 1/16 th inch eyelets, short
  • Awl
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Fine grit foam sanding block
  • Metal ring mandrel or hoop earring mandrel
  • Beads: See photos. These measurements are approximate. This amount of beads is for making one pair of each style. Please bring extra if you’ll be making more than that.
    • Two 5 4-6mm center drilled round beads
    • Four 5-15mm top drilled briolettes
    • Two 6-7mm center drilled beads
    • Four 4mm center drilled beads
  • Wire: Bring dead soft, round sterling wire; copper, brass or bronze…or a mix of metals. These measurements are for making one pair of each style. Please bring extra wire if you’ll be making more than that.
    • 14 inches, 14 gauge bronze, copper, or sterling round dead soft wire
    • 12 inches, 18 gauge bronze, copper or sterling round dead soft wire
    • 25 inches, 20 gauge sterling dead soft, round wire
    • 12 inches 26 gauge sterling dead soft round


  • Extra wire and beads
  • Extra 24 gauge metal strip, 3/16 th inch, copper, brass or nickel
  • Texture hammers
  • Ear plugs
  • Work light
  • Beading mat or work surface



Questions? Email Deryn at
Website: somethingsublime.typepad.com