Resin Paper Wire Forms

Sunday eve 6:00 - 9:00 $70  
  Deryn Mentock    

Student Level:
Type of Workshop: Project oriented workshop



In this class I’ll show you how to create my whimsical filled wire forms. We’ll be making flowers and leaves, filling them with paper and adding a jewelry grade resin coating that’s durable and beautiful. I’ll show you my tips and tricks for using resin on paper in a wire form, as well as how to properly mix and use Ice Resin. These elements are the perfect addition to my Bloom bangles, as well as many other jewelry pieces.

This class is taught in conjunction with my “Bloom Bangles” class but can be taken independently.

Kit fee of $10 payable to Instructor at class time includes materials and use of tools:

  • Ice Resin and supplies
  • Small paint brushes
  • Small amount of text
  • Expendables

Students should bring:

  • 20 gauge round sterling (dead soft), bronze and/or copper-5 inches per leaf
  • 22 gauge round sterling (dead soft), bronze and/or copper-12 inches per flower
  • 6” (from tip of jaws to tip of handle) narrow nose pliers with teeth (hardware store)
  • Chain nose jewelry pliers
  • Extra-long round nose pliers ( or Fundametals)
  • Small round nose jewelry pliers
  • Flush cutters for wire (craft store)
  • Chasing hammer
  • Small 12 oz rubber dead blow hammer (Etsy) or rawhide mallet
  • Steel bench block
  • Bench pillow (or hand towel) for use under bench block
  • Fine grit foam sanding block
  • Beads for flower centers (see photos)
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Mechanical pencil

Optional supplies:

  • Work light
  • Work surface (beading mat)
  • Ear plugs

Questions? Email Deryn at