Susan Lenart Kazmer
Susan Lenart Kazmer

Susan's early hand made collection began at Henry Bendell, Banana Republic, Nordstrom as well as numerous galleries around the United States including museum exhibits. Author of her second book, RESIN ALCHEMY, and an Amazon 2013 best seller list, it includes a pioneering ten-year body of work combining metal and resin.

Susan's innovative work can be seen in March 2014 issue of U.S. ELLE as she reenters the fashion world with one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Long ago, in the late 1900's when continents were foreign and parts of the world were still a mystery, I used to travel and explore these parts of the world. I looked at lifestyles different than my own in customs, celebrations, education, clothes and adornment. As many differences as I found, we all have many inherent similar trait that runs as a thread throughout all cultures. At our core, people are all similar in our search for meaningful and expressive adornment. My work is built on Expressive Adornment... including Talismans, Prayer boxes, Amulets and gypsy magic. With the addition to Art school and silversmith...this mélange is how I built my own body of work and represented myself in the fashion and gallery world for over 24 years.