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On the Horizon
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On the Horizon Wednesday, August 2, 9:00 AM  
Jacqueline Sullivan $145  
This workshop is 6 hours.

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Student Level: All levels
Type of Workshop: Process
Prerequisite: None
Workshop Category: Acrylic Painting, Mixed-Media

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Imposing order in a chaotic abstract work can often be difficult. Remembering the rule of thirds is always helpful when analyzing our work. Within that rule, there are several techniques that we can use to define a horizon line. Whether a low or high horizon line this technique helps to convey a sense of atmosphere and place in abstract works. We'll begin our paintings working with fluid acrylics. Then we'll learn some mark-making techniques, using high flow acrylics to define the horizon lines in the painting. We'll make our paintings on watercolor paper then crop/cut them into 5" x 5" squares and mount them onto cradled boards to stand on a mantle or shelf or hang on a wall.

Kit/Materials Fee (payable to instructor at class time):

  • $10.00 includes:
  • Cradled wooden panels
  • Watercolor paper
  • Hand outs and more!

Instructor Provided (for use in-class, and to share):

  • Fluid and High flow paints
  • Various glues, mediums and sizing
  • Plates for palettes
  • Fine line applicator tools
  • Glue for mounting works

Student should bring:

  • Acrylic brush - about 1" in width. I like the Goldenīƒ¤ Taklon brushes. You may want other sizes but this is the basic.
  • Water container - 16 to 32 oz. plastic
  • Paper Towels

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