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Wabi Sabi: The Spirit of Collage Monday, August 7, 9:00 AM and
Tuesday, August 8, 9:00 AM
Donna Watson $290  
This workshop is 12 hours.

Student Level: All levels **
Type of Workshop: Process & Project
Prerequisite: None
Workshop Category:

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Wabi sabi is a Japanese aesthetic. This Japanese aesthetic is a beauty of things imperfect, incomplete and impermanent...rustic, earthy, textured and organic. Boro is a Japanese word meaning "tattered rags" and is used to describe patched clothing and bedding. Many years ago, the poor Japanese workers patched and repaired their clothing until they looked like tattered quilts. Today, boro clothing are considered national treasures. Boro embodies the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi. Instead of fabrics, we will use hand painted Japanese washi papers. On the first day I will demonstrate how to create these papers using acrylic paints and a Gelli printing plate. Artists will then make their own papers in the spirit of boro and wabi sabi, using paint, washi papers, rubber stamps, stencils, and stamping tools. On the second day, the artist will learn simple compositions, design elements and principles based on Zen tenets like balance and harmony. They will then create their own collages using their papers, with my individual help.

** (From Student Level) I will give demos on how to hand paint collage papers, and I will show all (even beginners) how to glue down papers for collage. I am so experienced I can help a beginner - and I can challenge more advanced artists...as I work on an individualized basis with every single participant.

Kit/Materials Fee (payable to instructor at class time):

  • $15.00 includes:
  • Packet of Japanese washi papers, various types

Student should bring:

  • Paint: heavy acrylics in TUBES only, black/white and 2-4 colors
  • Brushes (2): One 1" flat for painting, one cheap brush for gluing
  • Brayers (2): TWO brayers needed...hard rubber 2-3 inch sizes
  • Matte medium: small jar for gluing
  • Spray bottles (2): one filled with water, one filled with rubbing alcohol
  • Gelli-gel printing plate: 8"x10"
  • Large plastic trash bag and paper towels
  • Paper palette and water container
  • Surfaces for collage: white or off-white. Can be journal pages, watercolor paper, canvas, or wood supports - All 8"x10" or smaller. 3 minimum to complete 3 collages. I highly recommend you white gesso canvas and wood supports BEFORE the workshop.


  • rubber stamps with stamp pads
  • stencils
  • found papers
  • washi papers
  • stamping tools
  • small objects

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