Mary Ellen Merrigan

Mary Ellen Merrigan frames her life perspective like a string of colorful beads. Every bead, every day contributes to the whole.

Her passion for all things bead-related ignited in 2007 when she made her first treasure necklace. Until beads called out her soul she used needlepoint, embroidery, dressmaking and crochet for relaxation. Now design, color embellishments, shapes, detailed stitching and all things bead-related influence her work.

She credits her influx of creativity in other aspects of her life to beads, refers to beads as "magic" and looks for any excuse to hang out in the studio.

Mary Ellen built a career in the implausible world of selling air. Her years of experience in the competitive world of broadcast advertising launched a consulting practice that emphasized public relations and social media.

Today she emphasizes teaching even though she is currently enrolled in a silversmithing series. Her study of bead history, bead techniques and women artists continues to weave its way through her creative works.

To no one's surprise, Mary Ellen claims to never meet a bead she doesn't like and encourages everyone to play beads.

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