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Mixed-up mixed-media necklace
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Mixed-up mixed-media necklace Wednesday, August 1, 6:30 PM  
Jen Cushman $70  
This workshop is 3 hours.

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Student Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Type of Workshop: Process and Project
Prerequisite: instructor always reviews beginning wirewrapping skills, but previous jewelry making skills are useful. If you're a jewelry newbie, don't fret!
Workshop Category: Jewelry, Mixed-Media

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Have you ever worked hard creating a handmade polymer clay pendant or metal masterpiece only to feel like you might have diminished the beauty of your work by putting it on a store bought neck wire? This class will eliminate this pesky little problem! Learn how to make your own wire beads, how to add wire loops to found objects thereby turning them into components and how to incorporate velvet, silk sari ribbon, fabric scraps and even leather scraps into fantastic links. You will also learn how to make various types of wire clasps and how to securely link everything together to create a gorgeous mixed-up mixed media necklace. If you work quickly or have previous wireworking experience, it's possible to complete a matching bracelet or pair of earrings during our time together as well. By learning how to create beautiful jewelry findings from common wire, fibers and found objects, you will elevate the quality of your jewelry creations so that the hand of the artist is present in every piece.

Note: This is the necklace portion of Jen Cushman's Time After Time Assemblage Jewelry workshop. Students wishing to complete the entire necklace project (skeleton key pendant and mixed-media necklace) should sign up for both workshops. This class can be taken independently and stand on its own for people wishing to learn new jewelry making skills to create mixed-media necklaces and bracelets.

Kit/Materials Fee (payable to instructor at class time):

  • $10.00 includes:
  • bronze wire in various gauges to create wire-wrapped links and handmade clasp
  • use of instructor's torch and butane gas

Student should bring:

  • Round nose jewelry pliers
  • Chain nose or Flat nose jewelry pliers
  • Wire snips
  • Ball peen hammer
  • Steel bench block or small metal anvil if you're local/driving and already own it. Instructor will have a few extra to use in class but bringing your own will reduce your wait time for tools.
  • Scissors
  • Favorite beads, bits, buttons or charms that may have personal meaning to you that you wish to incorporate into your necklace. This is a great class to use up those onesie and twosie leftover beads.
  • 12 to 16 inches of velvet ribbon, dyed silk or recycled silk sari ribbon.
  • 1 pair of junk needle nose pliers that you do not mind using with small butane torch.
  • Round sterling silver wire in 18, 20 and 24 gauges if you wish to work in silver and not bronze that is part of kit fee. Can be either dead soft or half hard wire. Working in sterling is completely optional.
  • Green kitchen scrubbie or 1 piece of extra fine steel wool
  • Small travel size baby wipes


  • Since you will be bringing beads, baubles and fibers from your stash to class, please feel free to work in whatever color palette you'd prefer. I kept it in the neutral/pastel tones in order to compliment my Time after Time skeleton key focal.


  • Small travel light and extension cord for additional lighting when doing jewelry making.

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