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Chalk It Up - Redux! Wednesday, July 31, 9:00 AM  
Olivia Thomas $145   
This workshop is 6 hours.

Student Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Type of Workshop: Process
Prerequisite: Student needs to know how to draw; drawing will not be taught in this class.
Workshop Category: Pastel Chalk Painting

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Chalk It Up - Redux! is a workshop in learning how to utilize the art medium of chalk pastel sticks, which consist of pure powdered pigments and a binder. Pastel chalk painting affords a unique experience in painting, which provides incomparable depth, texture and luminosity to your artwork.

Layers of hard and soft pastels are built up on a surface support that has "tooth".

This class will cover information on the different types of pastels and surface papers available, and how to use them to achieve a successful painting.

You will practice and play at how to wield the chalk, learn tips and techniques and experiment on different surface textures. Then, you will jump in to create a pastel study from one of your chosen reference selections, using the information covered.

A few ideas about framing and using pastels in mixed media work will also be discussed.

The images are representative samples of my finished chalk pastel paintings, which show the beauty, detail and intensity of finished artwork that can be achieved using this dry medium. Your artwork will come from utilizing your own photos or reference images. Pastel is a delightful forgiving medium. So come and join me for the fun!

Kit/Materials Fee (payable to instructor at class time):

  • $20.00 includes:
  • a large selection of various types of textured papers
  • a selection of blending tools
  • charcoal
  • workshop handout

Instructor Provided (for use in-class, and to share):

  • use of my personal pastels in class
  • pastel pencils
  • extra papers
  • fixatives and working solutions
  • mounting board
  • mounting tape
  • masks and latex gloves (if allergic to latex, students should bring their own preferred gloves)
  • extra blending tools
  • handy wipes
  • extra reference materials for pastel studies
  • foam brushes
  • scrap paper
  • soft bristle brushes
  • glassine paper

Student should bring:

  • soft pastels - stick pastels (Note: This class is not geared toward pan pastels or watercolor pastels) (A good basic, inexpensive set is available on Amazon: Mungyo Non-Toxic Square Chalk Soft Pastel, 64 package, item #B441Ro78-7003A, as of December 2018, $11.85)
  • kneaded erasers
  • wet wipes
  • photo selection for reference of ideas to paint

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