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Personal Image Paintover Saturday, August 3, 12:00 PM  
Lisa Bebi $145   
This workshop is 6 hours.

Student Level: Beginner
Type of Workshop: Process & Project
Prerequisite: None
Workshop Category: Mixed-Media

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"Paintover" means painting on top of a black and white photocopy. In this workshop we will take photocopied image(s) and turn them into paintings! Personal images means to me - photos from ones family photo album.

Personal Image Paintover is a great way to memorialize your family history. You could paint on the photocopies in a traditional paint style OR you could create fiction. I like to use my family images to tell stories.

Ideas: You might want your loved ones flying to the moon in a vintage toy plane. Or, perhaps take part in as a ringmaster in a circus. Maybe grandma wants to be part robot. Or fly without wings over a sleepy town like in a Marc Chagall painting. Your baby or pet can drive cars without a driver's license!! Your dad's head could to be a Christmas tree topper. Perhaps your teen longs to be a spaceman but with a turtle's body...who knows! It's all possible.

Student should bring:

  • Materials to bring:
  • Black and white images that will fit on an 8" x 10" canvas -make sure you have good contrasts
  • Substrate, I usually use an 8" x 10" canvas
  • Gloss medium for gluing
  • A flesh tone permanent marker such as Copic brand; for my skin color, I use Copic's "Barley Beige"
  • GOLDEN's Fine Pumice gel
  • Plastic palette knife
  • Old credit card to use as squeegee
  • Gesso
  • GOLDEN paints: Indian Yellow Hue or Nickel Azo Yellow and Burnt Sienna
  • A small variety of craft paints
  • Paint brushes various sizes, include a 1 1/2" flat brush for varnish
  • GOLDEN's Gloss Varnish with UVLS protection
  • Water bucket
  • Paper towels
  • Scissors
  • Aluminum foil to use as a palette
  • OR
  • if you don't want to bring the above materials, you could pay $20 materials fee at class time and I provide everything except your image(s), your favorite paintbrushes, water can and paper towels.


  • Optional: Collage elements: newspaper articles, lettering, images of animals, party hats, crowns, astronaut suit, etc. to help tell your story. You could even change the scenery to a jungle/beach/moon/circus.


  • Mark making tools
  • Collage paper scraps can be used
  • Heavy Gel Medium is needed if you are adding dimensional elements such as buttons, broken jewelry, ribbons, string etc.

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