0 A Feathered Fantasy - Feather Abstract Art
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A Feathered Fantasy - Feather Abstract Art Tuesday, August 6, 9:00 AM  
Lorra Lee Rose $145   
This workshop is 6 hours.

Student Level: All levels
Type of Workshop: Project
Prerequisite: None
Workshop Category: Feathers

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Abstract arts seeks to break away from traditional representation of physical objects. It explores the relationships of forms and colors. In this workshop you will create a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes and dimension using natural colored feathers. Having access to bright colors of parrot, exotic pheasant, beautiful chicken and amazing turkey feathers, Lorra Lee will demonstrate several interesting ways feathers can be manipulated and cut. She will give tips on how to create depth, adding richness to your composition. While selecting these brilliant colors and creating your own radiant design, your final masterpiece will be suitable for hanging in all four directions. These works of art can be as large as 31" in diameter.

For those who are flying, I will have custom boxes that your piece can be safely checked on the flight or safely shipped home. Fed-ex will be on site.

There will also be a brief, but important, talk about conservation laws and how to collect feathers for your own use.

Kit/Materials Fee (payable to instructor at class time):

  • $49.00 includes:
  • access to a vast variety - (33 year) collection of natural color feathers, substrate and tools needed

Student should bring:

  • Scissors - 4 1/2" long blade, teacher will have some for your use
  • LOW TEMPERATURE glue gun, teacher will have some for your use.
  • If you have barber scissors, please bring them.

Some workshops may require that you bring supplies or tools that you may not presently possess. If you'd like to place an advance order for jewelry supplies & tools for pick-up at the on-site Jewelry Supply store when you arrive at ARTU19, contact:

SJ Jewelry Supply LLC

Please note that SJ Jewelry Supply has an extensive selection of products but not all of them may appear on their website. If in doubt about the availability of any product, a simple phone call will get you the information that you desire.

Email your order to: info@sjjewelrysupply.com
call: 602-956-0189

Questions: llrose@volcano.net
Website: www.featherfantasies.com